Saturday, May 14, 2011


About a week ago or so, it was HOT!! We were all dying from the hear so we decided that it was time to get are Summer-tized!! Washing out the wagon for the first of many wagon rides!!Course, Baby Zac is watching from afar!! This slide was just his size and he loves it!
Kyla and Kaleb got a new basketball hoop and so it was Kaleb's job to fill the base with waterBOY!! After that, it sure didn't take Zac long to want to play with the hose. Kaleb laid it down and that was all she wrote!! You snooze, you loose!! didn't take Zac long to figure out exactly what to do with the hose either. LOL Luckily Kaleb didn't mind and loved getting wet, so it was a nice 50/50 relationship, LOL
As, Zac says, Kimmy~~ we're all ready to go!! Kimmy??They were both pretty tired and it was too nice of a day to nap indoors. My grandma Robinson always made us a pallet on the floor, so I made one on the front porch. You cant see them, but there are about 5 blankets under there, so it is softer than just the porch LOL I thought they
YEP, all summer-tized!!

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