Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kalebs Cubbies

Kyla and Kaleb have been in the Awana program at our church this year and they really liked it and had fun. Last week was the last night and was Kaleb's program night. It was really cute to see the little 3-4 yr olds up there singing so cute. We have never heard him sing any of these songs at home, LOL and Who knew that he knew his WHOLE Pledge of Alliance?? Not me or Kim, LOL This is his best friend, Chase. They really bonded as soon as they met each other in the beginning of the year. They sit together and hang together almost all the time.
This year Kaleb was a Lamb and got some awards and a certificate. Next year he will be a Giraffe before moving on to Sparky's when he is in Kindergarten!!

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