Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kyla got mail!!

In Kyla's 1st grade class, they have a student of the week every week. This week will be the very first one of the year. Whoever gets it for that week is notified by mail. Well.....Kyla recieved mail today!! YES....she is the first student of the week for this school year. She was soooo excited to say the least.She had to call her Mom at work to let her know of the good news.Here is what the letter says: CONGRATS to Kyla!!
Would you look at these snazzi pajamas. They are glow in the dark skeleton pajamas. Kaleb tried them last night, and they really do glow in the dark, it is just way cool!! They are soft and very comfy. Kaleb's are black with a tie and Kyla's are pink with a necklace. Tyler and Molly are coming up for Halloween so I think it would make a great grandkid picture being fall time and each one have their own pajamas~~that picture would be adorable!!! So.....Jess and Valerie, better get your jama's!!

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