Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dream Catcher

My son, when he was little used to have bad dreams and would wake up crying and really scared. So I made him a dream catcher and we hung it on the window so that it wouldnt keep the bad dreams out and let the good dreams in through the special little hole. It worked and thus ended the bad dreams!! my grandson Zac who is 2 and is having bad dreams so my daughter asked me to make him a dream catcher. I had the metal ring and small twine and feathers but was coming up short on the leather. I headed to the basement to see if I could find anything that I could use and found a old belt that was a leather braid. Perfect!! So I took it apart and used that to cover the ring and figured out how to do the weaving.
It is pretty simple dream catcher but it will worked for him to not have bad dreams. He is sleeping peaceful and calm now!!

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