Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sea World

Since we still had passes from last time we were there, we went to Sea World again. This was Molly's first time to Sea World. It is always fun to see the Sea Lion show and of course Shamu.Before the shows, we caught up with the dolphins. Molly was really watching the Dolphins so much that I don't think that she even noticed that there was one right behind her, LOL Don and I think that the Dolphins are really cool and if we could come back to life again, we would be Dolphins!! LOL
Tyler and Molly were amazed at all the fish. Tyler loves the fish, sharks and the penguins.
They have a diver that cleans the inside of the aquarium window, who knew huh???It was overcast and that was nice but it was still HOT at least for us. Molly had a pretty nice situation right here, fan blowing, Life doesn't get much better than this!!
They have lots of kid rides, and a kids water park which is great for them. Grandpa thought he could manage the Merry Go Round!!
They also have HUGE rope climbing area and naturally Tyler wanted Grandpa to go on it with him. Thank goodness for Grandpa's for these kinds of things LOL He said, he thought that this was pretty good for an old 59 yr old, LOL
It turned out to be a fun day and we were all glad to get back home again where it was nice and "Cool"

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