Sunday, September 18, 2011

A ton of swimming!!

It is so cool at the beach. I just loved watching the waves and it is so peaceful.
The seagulls just kinda swoop everywhere and do their own thing. Tyler thought that maybe he could catch himself a seagull but No luck!!LOL Molly loved the beach too and she even liked the water. She was a little taken back when she got her first tast of salt water, LOL
We also too full advantage of the pools too. The kids really loved them too. They do look so cool at night with all the lights on, so Don got this idea of taking Tyler out swimming after it was dark. But in order to go he had to take a nap earlier. We had been swimming so much that it wasnt a problem at all but Jess had to wake him up to go back out. I think we were out maybe 15 min and he was so tired that he said he wanted to go back to bed, LOL So...I guess that wasnt one of our brightest ideas!!Back to the beach!!
We sure became Beach/Pool Bums!! LOL

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