Thursday, September 22, 2011

While in South Padre

At South Padre, there was a fish aquarium type of deal. They rescue turtles that are sick or have been injured or maybe caught in boats etc. Some have missing legs etc. They fix them back up and 90 % are able to be released back to the ocean. They are pretty big and here is one guy that was watching us. It was pretty amazing!!
We also found a great restaurant~~Caption Roys. If you ever get there, please eat there. It was delicious. Scott and Jess had the fish tacos and they said they were wonderful. I had this HUGE homemade chicken taco. That was all I had and it sure filled me up. It was sooo GOOD!!! You can never go wrong with Mexican food!! LOLA trip to the DQ was great too and we were able to do a little shopping and drive around the Island. I wanted to do something really adventurous, They had para-sailing and Don was going to go with me. We knew it was kinda expensive and when I finally got ahold of them, I found out that we would on be up for like 5 min. I was really torn, I wanted to go so bad but I couldn't justify all that money for just 5 min, so I turned it down!! I guess I am just too cheap for 5 min, LOL and Don was glad, he figures that he caught a break! LOL It was a pretty fun trip and we enjoyed ourselves!!

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