Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kaleb's Birthday Party

Kaleb had his Birthday August 18th. We had egg casserole for breakfast with his candles. He opened ours and his Moms gifts on his birthday. He got his talking Woody doll that he has wanted. A new baseball helmet to play ball with. Geezzz he didn't even have the helmet on when the invisible bat incident happened LOLAs you can tell Toy Story and Woody was the theme here. He got Woody sheets, a Woody comforter, Woody books, Woody and Buzz light year pajamas and a couple other Woody things.He got to go to lunch with his Mom and he had a busy and fun day on his Birthday.
Then on the weekend, the rest of us all got together to celebrate his Birthday. More gifts, YAY!!He got some games,and play dough. Jess and Scott got him a horse for his Woody and a Toy Story book and from Tom he got his own Woody outfit. This was definitely the year of the Woody!!I guess a couple days of parting was too much for him. This is where we found him that night!! It is rough to turn 3 yrs old!! LOL

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