Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kyla's First day of School

Kyla's first day of school was August 18 th. She was excited about it and her teachers name is Mrs. Wisely. She had been to see her room and was all set to go the first day. We all had to have pictures with the new Kindergartner the first day:
Here she is: She did wonderfully, has met a friend named Kate. She has to be at school at 7:3O and that hasn't even been a problem for her. She wasn't a morning person but now she is. Know what she did the first Saturday off school?? Woke up at 6:30!!! They cant seem to sleep in on the weekends. This a time, that I am glad that I am not the Mom, I just say go up to your mom's room, LOL The first couple weeks, you would ask her how school was and she said she didn't want to talk about it!! and.....she wouldn't talk about it but she is getting better now.

She has been learning alot and starting to learn to read. Her first sentence she read was "I see a cat!!" Whoa!! we were all so excited and it is really neat to hear her learn to read more words and learn to spell them. Of course we tell her she is learning so much because her teacher is soo Wise!! (Mrs Wisely)

A couple weeks into school, they had school pictures. She wore the dress that her Aunt Linda gave her. The dress is short sleeved but it was kinda cool that day so she had to wear her sweater over it. We all gave her smiling lessons because her and Kaleb always look like they are in pain when they smile LOL So we will see how the pictures come out pretty soon.She is enjoying school and she has to read 300 min a month, and has homework everyday and practice sight words, etc. Kim and I are like Man!! this is alot of work for Kindergarten. LOL

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