Thursday, September 23, 2010


Kyla and Kaleb are going to Awana's at my church this year. We go on Wednesday nights and I am working there with the program too. Kyla is a Sparky and Kaleb is a Cubbie. They have game time, story/song time and verse time to say their verses. At first, they got a pamphlet and have to learn a verse before they were able to get their first official book and vest. Well, Wednesday night, they bot got their book and vests!! They were sooo excited about it. They look like they are in pain but...they really aren't LOLWhen they got ready for bed, they both wore their vests to bed and slept with their books!! Kyla's book has a CD with it to listen too and so she went to bed listening to her CD. Thursday, Kaleb wore his vest all day and kept his book with him at all times, LOLSince Kyla had to go to school, her vest and book was waiting in the van for as soon as she got in the van. She wore it for the rest of the day.
Kaleb is spending the night at Zac's house and the vest went with him!! LOL Next week, is parents week, so maybe we have some pictures of that night.

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