Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Color Yellow

We are working with Kaleb to make sure he learns all his colors, numbers and letters. Kim copied off a school's curriculum and we are kinda going by that. This month we have been working on the color Yellow. We have yellow streamers up, he has been eating with yellow cups, plates, silverware. He has made lots of yellow papers and he does NOT like the color Yellow, so he wont say the color when you ask him. Sat. we made yellow cupcakeswith yellow frosting. They turned out good but when you ask him what color it is, he says white or blue. I know he knows the color cuz one time he accidentally answered with the correct answer then changed it real quick!! ha!October we move to Orange/Black so he will like those colors better. I heard him in his room counting to 15 the other day so he is learning. We havent attempted letters yet.

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