Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tyler's 3 rd Birthday!!

Since I helped Jessica plan the party in May, I really wanted to come and help with the party but I didn't think that I would be able too. Jessica called Don and asked him and he cant say No to her~~So wasn't long and I was on a plane to Texas!! HA! make it even better, Kim was able to fly down for 4 days to help with the party. For the party, Jessica made this really cool birthday banner:
His theme was Carnival: There were booths outside~~Fishing, beanbag toss, ducks in the water, can toss and photo booth. They got prizes for the games and she made bags for the prizes. The colors were all primary colors. She had cupcakes with carnival picks in some of them.
Before they left, there were bags of popcorn and bags of cotton candy.There was also a ton of food. Burgers and Dogs, fruit kabobs, chips, pasta salad etc. Kim made the pasta salad and it was delicious. She was a big help too.At the photo booth, I had a clown wig, nose and glasses, boas for the girls and bow tie and long ties for the guys to wear. Some kids wanted to do it and some didn't. It was funny to watch them and see their personalities come outI totally lost Tyler for the pictures and so we got his later on with the dogs.
Tyler was so excited about his birthday cupcake. He had a number 3 for his candle. Tyler likes being sung to, but then who doesn't??
On quick blow and it was OUT!!Now, comes the good stuff....presents!! And...he had a ton of them. You didn't have to tell him twice to open the gifts, even us adults are the same huh??
Tyler got games, play dough, books, play workbench/tools, puzzles backpack, book bag, a cardboard coloring house, just alot of nice gifts. He loved them all too.
Tyler loved being with Aunt Kim, no one could do things better than Aunt Kim. During the rest of the time, we swam, did some shopping, got ice-cream and ordered pizza. We just kinda laid low and it was a good time. We were just happy to be able to be there and enjoy Tyler's birthday with him.

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