Saturday, September 11, 2010

A day at the Fair

The first week of August was the Boone County Fair. We all love to go to the fair. This year we just went and did everything in 1 day. Some of Kyla's friends were there and they all signed up for dance class. These are their new shirts.We looked at all the animals and had lunch was time for the long awaited RIDES!!! They were both so excited. Kyla ride this big elephant guy:
While Kaleb stuck with the train:
Of course, the Merry Go Round is always a must!! Kaleb liked the motorcycles:
Kyla spotted the Bees and just HAD to ride them:Kim and Kaleb joined her on the Bees too:Last but not least~~The roller coaster!! They had a blast on it and I dont know if they put their hands up or not, LOL I wasn taking the pictures: We couldnt leave without the face painting booth: Kaleb got a Monster truck.... And Kyla got a cool dolphin.The weather was good, it wasnt that crowded and everyone had a good time. Thats it until next August!!

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