Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kyla's 5 th Birthday

In July was Kyla's 5th birthday. Seems like yesterday that she was born lol. We all gathered for her birthday dinner: Hot dog and hamburgers, chips and broccoli/cheese casserole, (her favorite) and Pepsi of course!! After dinner came the birthday cake and this year it was a flip flop cuz Kyla loves all her colors of flip flops!!Kyla wasn't thrilled with her birthday spankins from Valerie and Tom:The after affect!! HA!! We told her to be happy that she was 5 instead of 35 yrs!!!
Now, for the important stuff~~~The gifts: Note, another pair of flip flops!!Kim took them to see Toy Story 3 and they loved it. Kyla fell in love with Jessie and so she got the Jessie doll, pull her string and she talks, she was thrilled. She also got lots of school clothes, games, a purse, money and a Hula Hoop and rollerskates coming soon!!A Pink dress~~Is there any other color???Kaleb was getting a Woody doll for his birthday that talks also, so we let him open his so that he would have his at the same time and they can play together with them, so here they are with their Jessie/Woody dolls.Kyla had a very nice birthday and we all had fun just being together!!

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  1. It looks like Kyla had a great birthday! I would love that cake for myself. I am a huge flip-flop kinda girl.